Your Key to Success: Content Marketing for Business

In today’s digital world, people are drenched with advertisements. As a result, companies struggle to get their message noticed by their audience. In 2011, a study driven by the Custom Content Council demonstrated that over 70 percent of clients wanted to get their data from articles as opposed to from corporate advertisements. Presently, to reach their target market organizations are relying on a new strategy: content marketing.

content marketing

What is content marketing?

The idea behind online research is to find information that is relevant and is high quality. This implies that text, imagery and video content have to give information that is relevant and appealing to people who search for information on the Internet. In Content marketing, content is created and distributed in a manner that is interesting, informative and helpful to the customers. Good quality content then brings those customers back to your website, where leads can be captured. Effective content marketing creates positive relationships with your brand – without the hassle of marketing your product.

What can content marketing do?

All marketing decision makers do recognize the advantages and efficiency of a good strategy for content marketing. According to a study by Waggener Edstrom Communications (PR agency), 61 percent of marketers surveyed noticed an increase in the sales figures after implementing a content marketing strategy. With the help of Content marketing businesses can achieve various other corporate purposes, including:

  • Lead generation: If Customers like the content provided, there is a high likelihood that they will leave their contact information – either out of interest in the product or just a need to get to more content.
  • Name recognition and improved reach: High-quality content that addresses topics which are current and controversial is largely spread via social networks. A company can improve its reputation and reach, by taking advantage of this trend.
  • Improvement in Image: Releasing relevant and quality publications regularly, helps businesses to establish themselves as thinking leaders, which further strengthens the corporate brand.
  • Customer development: When the company regularly provides content that offers useful information, customers connect with the company for a long term. Companies create interest in their website and attract users, by consistently offering good content.


Effective content not just helps to build customer relationships, but also to avoid less effective selling tactics. It showcases the subject-matter expertise that you have, and helps gain trust by highlighting essential topics that influence your customers. Well-Designed content can attract customers to your website and social media accounts, improve your performance on search engines, and give users an opportunity to share the content with their friends and colleagues.

There is no universal content marketing strategy, plan or success structure that applies to every business. However, in each case, common fundamentals exist for successful content marketing programs.

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  1. Wow!. Thank-you for this data. I actually thought on-page SEO was the most important component of marketing your business on the internet. Hmm, you really got me thinking. I need to make adjustments to my lead generation processes. Thanks for your wisdom shared.

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