Android 8.0 It’s Oreo- Sweeter and Creamier than ever

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Good news for Android and Oreo lovers

Recently Google launches new android update 8.0 on occasion of solar eclipse. Named as Android O or Android Oreo dedicated to popular cream biscuit. It’s a “secure, faster and more powerful than ever” quoted by Sameer Samat (VP of product management for Android and Google Play).

Google is planning to launch Oreo in Pixel & Nexus series phones. While other Big B’s like Nokia, Huawei, HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung and Sony are trying to launch new update by end of the year.

Key features of Google Oreo


The new update expected to be faster than ever. It will help you to do your operations more quickly with faster boot speed like flash.
Expected to be 2 times faster than previous update Naugat.


Filling out information is headache and time consuming task for users when installing an app that require info like form filling, account info, credit card details, etc.

Autofill of Android Oreo memorizes your details and fill them up with your permission to get you access to app quickly without any error. Also autofill will automatically select the correct portion of your typed text.

Spiderman (Multitasker) Picture in picture mode

New android have nature of Spidy. Because it will help you to do Skype to your parents/friends while doing your business work at same time.
Just hit home, your Skype will shrink to small box & you are free to do your other business.
Android 8 supports multiple display helps you to jump from one app to another app.

Oreo explores Naugat’s multitasking feature by its Picture in Picture mode in more less space consuming and interface interrupting way of displaying multiple things.


Google starts new and improved notification function.

Do you get frustrated by huge numbers of notifications by Whats app, UC, Facebook. Now you can choose to see notifications from apps you want by adding them in notification channels list. You will also set timeout period for an apps notification which will automatically remove notification after sometime.
Notification dots will appear on an apps launcher which you missed to see notification or take action on them.

Now you can snooze notification which will disappear an apps notification for some time.
You can choose background color for notifications of important apps you selected.

Battery (The Life) saver technology

Are you tired of apps that run at background and waste your battery ?

Bam, Oreo is your kill switch.

Oreo forcefully stops background apps which have nothing business to do with your existing task.Final solution of battery drain during standby mode.

It means better battery life fella !
It will not affect some background apps which you are using at that time. For example listening music on music player app.
Android 8 is boosted with advanced battery menu.

Turn on Wi-Fi Automatically

When droid detects a known Wi-Fi network, it will turn on itself.

Don’t need to put Wi-Fi on whole day.
It will also saves your battery.
This new feature is also known as Wi-Fi Aware.

Disaster management at your service Sir !

All apps have unavoidable factor “The Bugs”.

Don’t worry Agent “O” is armed with appropriate arms.

When a bug starts to crash your phone, Android 8 will launch series of fixes when your phone starts restarting continuously. This feature is known as
“ Rescue Party”; The end of Bootloop story.

Boosted audio performance

Oreo is updated with Sony’s high quality Bluetooth audio LDAC coding.
Its big deal for the buyers of high end wireless headphones.
Its booming news for Bluetooth industry after Samsung’s Bluetooth 5 launching.

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