How To Build a strong online presence for your business ?

How To Build A Strong Online Presence(3)

“Online Visibility” is the must have in 21st century. Your efforts are all in vein if your website is not visible on SERP when searched as nobody goes on page 2nd or 3rd while using search engine.

Well to reach on 1st page is a difficult task but it can be overcome by taking some factors into consideration. The more the website is quickly visible the more it flourishes your business.  Some of the following factors help to improve website’s online visibility.

  • Website the 1st attraction

 As it’s said “1st impression is the last impression”, you need to put on all your efforts to make your website look excellent. The website also must be easy to use, the clients need not take minutes to search browse and buy buttons.

The site should be mobile-friendly. Search engines may also penalize if the site is not mobile-friendly.

  • Domain Trust

Domain registration is a factor worth paying attention. Search engines trust domains registered for more than a year and needless to mention it again this helps to improve rank.

  • SEO

Onsite and offsite SEO are the factors aligned to the website visibility on search engines.

Onsite SEO:-

Onsite SEO includes titles and tags. Proper keywords must be fitted in the site content, meta-titles and meta-tags to improve online visibility.

Offsite SEO:-

Now, this is about your website interaction with other websites. The site if has back links with reputed websites, it’s a win-win situation to increase both page rank and online visibility.

  • SEO friendly code content

Search engines never rank a webpage or website with duplicate content. Unique and original content even doesn’t mean that you have to come up with something new or not said before. It just means your content is not exact copy of something already available online.

Here are some tips for writing SEO friendly content

  • Use headlines and sub-headers
  • Optimize the length of your article
  • Choose keywords wisely
  • Optimize your images
  • Optimize anchor links
  • Try for unique and quality content
  • Keywords

Now this is the factor which cannot be taken lightly though it’s a pretty basic thing. But keywords research is the one of the crucial thing which will help you show up online. You need to figure out keywords which clients type while searching for things.

Keyword should also be included in URL to send Google relevant information.

Target on long-tail keywords as it has less number of competition and also provides uniqueness. Include keywords in title and tags.

  • Sitemap

The pages are indexed by search engine with the help of sitemap. The sitemap is list of pages accessible to both users and crawlers. It even helps search engine to know what pages your site includes.

  • Brand Reputation

Online conversation of brands takes place on a 24/7 basis. So brand reputation management is the basic priority in all business industries.

You need to be specific, authoritative, honest and consistent with your brand to get loyal customers which always leads to traffic on website. This applies for all big and small business.

  • Blog writing

It’s an interactive platform to connect with the audience. You can provide interesting and quality content on your site in terms of blogs and make the client come back on the site.

A new page is always an opportunity to increase traffic. The content must be relevant and informative to the website.

  • Social Media

The biggest, cheapest and organic source to lead traffic to the site is social media. The various platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Pintereset, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

This is the space where you can define target audience. This also makes it compulsory to be active on your social media pages to be more interactive with the audience.

  • PPC

The road map to reach on page one on search engine is a bit difficult one, so PPC (Pay-Per Click) is a way out. It’s an efficient way to claim your stake in online search. You need to pay only when the customer clicks on the link. You can set up your budget for PPC.

In a nutshell, you need to incorporate all the above points to create online presence. Be honest and authentic to your company to increase brand reputation among your customers. And even try not to copy your competitors.





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