7 Reasons Why You Should Use Twitter For Your Business

Twitter For Your BusinessTwitter is a platform where people come to discover ‘What’s happening’.
With an average of over 330 million twitter login by active users in 2018, Twitter for business is a growing social media platform that you should highly consider essential for the growth of your business.
Everywhere around the world- from small to large scale businesses, everyone is using Twitter to reach out to a bigger target audience. Time and again, in the sales and marketing world, Twitter has proven to be an excellent tool for generating revenue and engagement especially when it comes to businesses. As a proven fact to consider, it costs very less to market any product on Twitter and growing engagement for business.

It is totally understood you might have been unconvinced regarding the usage of Twitter for Business but if you change your mind by the end of reading this blog, hit up to us @Vincit_Media OR info@vincitmedia.com and we’d love to hear about it!

 Let us now come to emphasize the 7 key points why Twitter is important for Businesses and how they can benefit from it.

twitter for business

1. Connect & Relate to your Customers: Twitter is the best place to look for Potential customers and making connections with people that caters to a niche market or a specific location. Not just that, it helps in connecting with existing customers and interacting with them and also knowing more about how a business or brand is being perceived in the market. You can also build a community through Twitter Chats and have discussions with customers as well as influencers. This, in turn, build a positive relationship and results in growing your business.

Pro Tip: Sending a personal message to your potential customer after they follow you is a great way to increase trust and appreciation for your business.

2. Keep an Eye on the Competition: Twitter’s Open Communication allows you to listen to customer feedback and complaints which they share publicly with your competitors. Tools like Twitter Search can be a great way to check and compare your reputation and activities with your competitors. Keeping an eye on the competitors makes it very easy to plan your marketing strategies and avoid any mistakes.

Pro Tip: Use Tools like Hootsuite, Mention or contact a Digital Marketing Agency to plan and compile data for you which reduce the time to complete this research process. Use it as a secret weapon for business’ success.


3. Conduct Free Market Research: Twitter is a quick, easy and inexpensive platform to collect feedbacks, opinions, generate ideas, gain information about and insights from  a desired core audience for your business. You can collect informations and real time data that can help analyze, shape strategies, form ideas and opinions. People feel valued if asked for opinions, which will benefit you as a business, because you will listen to your audience.

Pro Tip: You can Introduce your product or service on Twitter, create a custom hashtag and ask for feedbacks.


4. Smart Recruiting: The best part about Twitter is, it can be used to hire talents for your business.  About 54% companies are using Twitter to hire, and 74% of talented hires come from social networks. In addition to it, 29% of job seekers ask for advice on Twitter. Twitter can be a great channel to recruit the most active and talented agencies or companies to work for your business and promote to your business’ growth.

Pro Tip: Using “hashtags of #jobs, #jobsearch and #[your place] helps to find people to work for you on Twitter.


5. Best Marketing Platform: It is no wonder how Twitter can help to build brand awareness, convert potential customers into buyers, promote a new product or an event, build media relation for your business and many more. Keeping your customers and potential customers updated and engaged is the key to a good marketing. Twitter tools like Twitter Analytics gives you an insight about how your social activities in turn affects your ROI Not only Twitter is limited to promoting products and articles, it can be used to share valuable content from around the web.

Pro Tip: Google indexes the tweets which is best used for search engine optimization to rank your website in Google Search and reach users from around the globe alleviating the distance barrier.


6. Drive Website Traffic: Studies show that 47% of your profile visitor also visit your website through Twitter. This is a proven fact how twitter can drive traffic to your business from all over the world. Sharing new and engaging content on Twitter will position you as a credible source of information and will get you loyal followers and customers to your business

Pro Tip: You can use tools like Buffer, HootSuite, BuzzSumo or even outsource an agency to share content or curated content on your website and build engaging traffic


7. Boost your Reach with the Magic of Hashtags: If you never knew what hashtags were actually for, you are in the right place to learn about it. Hashtags categorizes content on social media. The art and science of using hashtags on Twitter has progressed significantly in the past few years. Using proper and relevant hashtags ensures as many followers see your content or even make it run viral. Hashtags helps potential users find you easily through the content you shared, and in turn helps you find influencers and others who share a common interest for your business.

Pro Tip: Be more specific with your hashtags to reach more of your target audience. Say, you have baby products to sell, so  instead of using #parents, which can be of all ages, use hashtags #newmom to target your specific audience

All these above reasons proves that Twitter has long been a huge game changer in the social media and online marketing world and it should certainly be used by all businesses. Plus, it’s never too late to start!

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