7 Master Digital Marketing Strategies for Spas and Salons in 2019

Looking to start a new Spa Center or a Salon? Or do you already own one?

If it’s the latter, how long have you been running your Spa business or Salon?

If you lie in either of the categories, this article is going to help you boost your business to a next level. We are going to see some lesser known Digital Marketing Strategies for Spas and Salons that are going to be pretty effective in 2019.

Digitization of any Spa business is really important for it to prosper.

So, how can any spa owner not only make their online presence but also grow the business exponentially?

The answer lies in the fact that any business owner should not undermine the power of Digital Media and its marketing, pertaining to the customers who are actually looking for it. Promoting your Spa business online is one of the main and the most effective way to entice the prospects.

Seeing the competition in the market, the business that leverage the Digital platforms are surely going to have an edge. Let’s dive in and see how you can scale the spa business using easy yet effective digital marketing strategies:

Having a Website (One of the Mandatory Digital Marketing Strategies for Spas and Salons)

website for spas and salons

First and foremost, for any business to prosper in today’s world you need to have a website which gives you an identity on a digital platform. Having a good website not only defines your online presence but also gives the consumers an idea about your existence.

Now, building a website seems to one of the most obvious Digital Marketing Strategies for Spas and Salons. If you are a good website designer, you can proceed by yourself, but hiring a professional agency won’t cost you much.

Social Media Presence

social media for spa

As a spa or a salon owner, you must have seen your customers take selfies everytime they take your service? Haven’t you wondered to take this opportunity to market your business?

Well, building a social portfolio can help you market yourself better and hence it can be counted as one of the necessary Digital Marketing Strategies for Spas and Salons.

Social Media Presence and Marketing is your best call to market the business without spending much. Here’re a few tips that you apply:

  • Ask your customer to check-in at your location and avail 5-10% extra off on the services. Who won’t check-in for such a great offer?
  • Provide a referral code and ask them to share it with someone. Ones that person avail the services, both will get a fixed amount of discount.

Bottom-line is that customers are after discounts. We as a business owners must offer them the same.

On-Page and Off-Page Optimisation

seo for spas and salons

Search Engine Optimisation, is a powerful method of ranking your spa business above the rest of the crowd on the Google search page. Being a good entrepreneur you would always thrive to rank your spa business on the first page of Google for maximum visibility.

On-page SEO and Off-page SEO both play an important role in giving your business the exposure that it requires. With the growing number of spas and salons, SEO will rank the business locally as well.

Influencer Marketing (Most talked-about digital marketing strategies for Spas)

influencer marketing for spa

One of the trending and an integral part of digital marketing that is gaining grounds is Influencer marketing. Spa business could leverage the option of introducing the influencers in the Spa domain to vouch for their business following a small and easy contract.

6 out of 10 people are influenced by the product endorsements of the influencers that people follow on social media, so it becomes definitely one of the ways to get maximum traction to your business. ROI on influencer marketing is going to be huge and can definitely help to scale the business.

Video Marketing

video marketing for spa and salon

2018 has been the year of video marketing, and it will see the continuous plunge in 2019 and ahead. The one and the only reason is that people tend to engage with the video content more often than normal content published.

Also, the best part of video marketing is that you can publish it across the social media platform featuring your services and yes, people will engage with it.

Partner with Local Entities

digital marketing strategy for Spa

Partnering with local business personnel like groomers, beauticians, hair stylists pedicure specialist, and makeup artists on digital platform. It will bring a lot of possibilities in terms of leads as well as it will serve as common floor for all the holistic need for any customer that is looking for a good spa services.

The credibility and the work of these businesses can easily be showcased on their personal profile as well as with the Spa business on the whole.

Boost your Customer Feedback


This is the most important and the oldest method to run any business, your work speaks for yourself, any good work will definitely attract customer’s good faith and more importantly good gesture in terms of feedback. Measuring those feedbacks to cultivate more good or business is an integral part of how it can grow organically.

All these simple strategies will not only make your brand more visible but will eventually help you to scale the business faster. So what’s stopping to take your business digital?

Get a free consulting from us to get an in-depth marketing strategy and start implementing the same before your competitors get the marketing edge.

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